Not your average skincare. Level up with 100% pure raw silk

Give your skin a natural glow ✨ with 100% pure silk

Naturally 97% Protein

Raw silk is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and packed with amino acids. Let the raw silk nourish your skin as you buff away old dead skin cells for a brighter, glowing look.

For those seeking to avoid extra chemicals in their skin care, our raw silk exfoliating washcloth is the PERFECT swap. Not chemically processed or treated with heavy metals, you can get the benefits of gentle exfoliation WITHOUT adding anything extra.

``Omg so I completely forgot about my raw silk cloth because I put it away and I found it last week doing a big spring clean and I LOVE IT!!! I use it in the shower every day and my chin-acne is clearing!!!

- Kristina

Give the GIFT of self care

From skin care to soul care to luxury to comfort, this gift pack really has it all. STOP looking for the perfect gift. You've found it!


In your hair or on your wrist, our scrunchies will forever be the perfect accessory


We exist to help you love yourself a little more AND we don’t mean just love the way you look because of your new Gucci handbag BUT we mean a deep appreciation for the miracle that you are!

Our Philosophy is WELLNESS and there are 4 core PILLARS that this is built on. Just co-incidently it’s also the acronym W.E.L.L!

Everything we do here, is based on these 4 PILLARS. Our FOUNDER Tanya is all about

This pillar is all about Food, Mood & Movement. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness and recognize that it is more than just eating carrots. There’s no point in looking fab if it’s absolute chaos inside your soul. Nourish your body, mind & soul.

This pillar is all about opening your mind. Learning and evolving as a human being. They say ‘You never stop learning’ and we agree. Whether it’s through a structured course or just a simple conversation, you ALWAYS learn something new. A commitment to expanding and sharing tips and inspo is what we’re all about.

Self love first AND not in a narcissistic kind of way BUT a real DEEP appreciation of YOU. Developing your self trust plays a key factor in building self esteem and self agency. Love yourself first then you can create space to love others

This means we’re all about quality and not quantity. Luxury doesn’t mean it has to be extravagant, in fact it can be minimalistic. It simply means that you recognize the things that make you feel AMAZING and we make an effort to nourish ourselves with this. It can simply be a fresh vase of flowers.