Sound too good to be true? Well… that’s cause it is.

Wait, what!?

“But you JUST said!” I hear you wail.

Do you know the purpose of your pores? Let me enlighten you. Our PORES allow sweat and oil to be able to reach the surface and our SKIN (while it’s there not only to keep your insides contained and to make you the gorgeous goddess that you are) it’s actually an organ of elimination and a way to remove toxins in the form of perspiration.


So without them (pores) we may just bubble up into a watery, oily, toxic internal mess. (Ok, ok thats not technically true, but my point is – we need them!)

The problem with pores is that, they can become clogged with excess oil, dead skin, dirt and can therefore make them appear larger and more prominent. Not only does this cause our skin to look a bit dull and uneven, it also doesn’t let your very expensive moisturiser, absorb as efficiently into your skin and do it’s job.

Exfoliating removes impurities, dead skin cells and therefore helps to reduce the appearance of pores and allow your glorious moisturisers and serums to absorb into your skin and do their job!

Exfoliation is the PERFECT instant pick me up!


For those seeking to avoid extra chemicals in their skin care, raw silk is the PERFECT swap. Not chemically processed or treated with heavy metals, you can get the benefits of gentle exfoliation WITHOUT adding anything extra.

The texture of raw silk is surprising, its like, flannel / cotton with short nubby ‘slubs’. Quite different to the microfiber washcloths you might find on supermarket shelves.

Raw silk as an exfoliator is simple, natural, bio-degradable and economical.

According to research, silk is 97% protein (and 3% Unicorn dust 😉🦄) and it’s these silk proteins (sericin and fibroin) that give the silk its many incredible properties, such as being high in anti-oxidants, hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial.


Physical exfoliation with raw silk cloth is great for more sensitive skin or younger skin just starting out with exfoliating – because you get to be in control of the level of exfoliation.

Regular facial exfoliation is key to encouraging cell turnover (meaning smooth, soft skin) AND reducing clogged pores – and that’s really why you came here today isn’t it!?

So what have you got to lose (besides shedding some dead skin cells)??

Try yours today!