Here’s the thing.

We want natural, unprocessed, kind to the planet AND we want it to smell amazing. However, we DON’T want it to be expensive, hard to get, we want it to last forever – oh and don’t add any fragrance 😳

Just me?? maybe…

Unless your Brendan Fraser and have just come back from the 60’s time capsule, chances are, you and me both live in an industrialised society, complete with cars that run on fuel and Gucci handbags that are expensive and pretty.

Here’s a real world truth. We’re ALL doing the best we can. It’s not possible, nor feasible (nor desirable) to move to the Himalayas and live like peace loving monks.

The best we can do, is make informed decisions based on the information we have at the time. AND that’s it. It’s a life lesson really.. Same applies for that thing you said last week that you may regret now.. it was only based on the information you knew at the time.

So here’s the information you have at this time.

The raw silk in your brand new exfoliating washcloth we use is of course a natural fibre and made from short fibres which is why you get that raw texture and nubby feel.

Made by silk producing worms and insects, the acquired texture is slightly rough, yet fine and is quite different from the cotton & microfibre cloths you may find on supermarket shelves.

Raw silk is produced from the broken strands of silk that are left behind after the silk worm has been able to emerge from its cocoon into a beautiful moth.

Don’t be too grossed out, you’re not putting WORM on your face… The silk is then soaked in warm water and unraveled from the cocoon by hand. (Of course, some processes do have to be done by machine, such as weaving the natural silk to raw silk thread, then to the fabrics.)

HOWEVER. There is no deep processing and because of the minimal processing you can still even smell something of the original cocoon from the raw fabrics.

NO it’s not formaldehyde or any other form of preservative. In fact, you may even feel a creamy kind of wax which is in fact the protein ‘sericin’, which provides the epidermis with amino acids, restorative collagen and proteins, helping strengthen the skin and supporting the protective barrier. It’s the ultimate exfoliator!

The thing we love most about our raw silk exfoliator, is that it bio-degrades easily, and is therefore kind to the planet.(I’m not just talking the talk.. Im walking the walk – I actually planted [??] the raw silk in my backyard and checked on it monthly until it all but was gone around the 6 month mark)

A simple, gentle, yet extremely effective way to remove make-up, dry flaky skin and dead skin cells while also improving circulation to the cells and providing glowing, radiant skin?? Shut up and take my money!