Raw Silk + SHE Goddess Candle


GLOW + GLOW pack!


Indulge in the luxuriousness of the GLOW + GLOW pack and elevate your self-care game with the magic of SHE Goddess. Get ready to nourish your inner goddess with this perfect feminine gift pack.


This pack includes 100% Pure Raw Silk, a heavenly SHE Goddess candle, a mystery crystal to add to your collection, and a beautiful affirmation card to empower you throughout the day.


Here’s how to use it – light up the SHE Goddess candle, put on the cute and fluffy cosmetic headband to tame those flyaways, and pamper your skin with the gentle exfoliating benefits of Raw Silk. It’s a simple yet effective routine that will make you feel like a queen.


Our SHE Goddess candle is a beautiful blend of White Thyme, Rose, and Mandarin that creates an uplifting, springtime aroma perfect for any space. It’s the ultimate embodiment of femininity, with red roses and white thyme working together to give you a unique and unexpected twist. Bring this goddess energy to your home with utter class and style.


The perfect opportunity to nourish your inner goddess and create a soothing, feminine atmosphere in your own home.

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Why you’ll love us ?

  • We are a local, Australian owned small business (Sydney based) so you’ll be supporting small and giving back to the community
  • You get a free gift with every purchase
  • ‘Wow’ factor fun packaging that makes you feel special
  • Amazing customer service and quick delivery
  • Beautiful items designed to nourish your skin and your soul and bring a little bit of luxe in your day

A great addition to your skin care routine for everyone, but especially those looking to not ‘add’ any extra chemicals to their routine!

Give your skin a natural glow ✨ with 100% pure silk.

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Raw Silk Color

Black, White