Glowing In & Out Gift Pack w / 2022 Journal


Get ready to start glowing IN & OUT.

2022 is your year. It’s your year to dream big and grow AND this GIFT pack is the perfect entry point to start, if you’re ready for the journey. Create a ritual of self love with this gift pack that will guide you to your highest self and you will use all throughout the year!


Nourish your skin and experience the gentle yet profound effects of our 100% raw silk facial exfoliator as you take off the day and reveal your fresh glowy skin




Turn inward and set your intentions for 2022 and work with the cycles of the moon to reveal your best self yet with all the ease, minus the hustle. Let the universe work with you and for you. Get it out of your head and get your thoughts on paper and watch your life manifest into reality in 2022.


Send it to a loved one or send it to yourself and begin the journey of self love.


Package includes;
  • 100% pure raw silk exfoliating washcloth ($38.95)
  • 2022 Goddess Growth Diary / Journal ($69.50)

Total Value over $121

Choose between White or Black raw silk

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