Bestie Gift Pack


The BEST gift pack ever!


This isn’t just any gift pack – it’s the BEST one yet! Perfect for anyone who loves to indulge in a little pampering, whether they’re a bestie, mum, dad, or just someone special in your life.


Our BESTIE Gift Pack is all about simplicity and effectiveness, because let’s face it – life can get pretty hectic. Who needs a complicated routine when you can achieve amazing results with ease! And THAT is our top priority – simplicity & effectiveness.


Treat yourself or someone special to:


  • 100% Pure Raw Silk Exfoliator
  • 200g SHE Goddess Candle
  • Plush Fleece Headband
  • Odettesi Lip Oil
  • Crystal Chunk (for the vibes)
  • Affirmations Card


With this gift pack, you’ll feel like royalty as you exfoliate your skin with our luxurious raw silk, bask in the warm glow of our SHE Goddess candle, and pamper your lips with our nourishing lip oil. The plush headband will keep your hair out of the way, while the crystal and affirmations card provide a little extra boost of positive energy.


Don’t miss out on this amazing gift pack – it’s sure to make anyone feel loved and appreciated!



✅ The Raw Silk Exfoliator will leave skin feeling silky and smooth,

✅ the Cosmetic Headband is perfect for that spa day feeling,

✅ the candle will create a calming atmosphere, and

✅ the nourishing Lip Oil will leave your lips feeling soft and hydrated

✅ The crystal is for the self love vibes!


Benefits of Raw Silk as facial care:

  • Helps promote and stimulate fresh, healthy skin and enhance blood circulation
  • Unblocks pores and removes impurities
  • Smooths dry and flaky skin
  • Evens skin tone and texture
  • Works to help prevent breakouts
  • Buff away old dead skin cells for a brighter look
  • Hypoallergenic (great for sensitive skin) and
  • Packed with many amino acids (perfect to nourish skin)
  • Can be used all over the body
  • Great for young skin aswell!


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Why you’ll love us ?

  • We are a local, Australian owned small business (Sydney based) so you’ll be supporting small and giving back to the community
  • You get a free gift with every purchase
  • ‘Wow’ factor fun packaging that makes you feel special
  • Amazing customer service and quick delivery
  • Beautiful items designed to nourish your skin and your soul and bring a little bit of luxe in your day

A great addition to your skin care routine for everyone, but especially those looking to not ‘add’ any extra chemicals to their routine!

Give your skin a natural glow ✨ with 100% pure silk.

Additional information
Raw Silk Color

Black, White

Lip Oil

Grape, Watermelon