Did you know that you spend 95% of your time operating from your conscious mind.

So, is that a good or bad thing, you ask!? Well…. That’s debatable

– Have you exercised and trained your mind to be in the present moment and to think on a high vibrational level?


– Do you get triggered easily?
– Do you make decision based on fear instead of based on abundance?
– Do you spend your day thinking about your jungle of pasts and anxiety of futures?

And seriously, What does any of this have anything to do with exfoliating my skin??


Let me tell you….

Skincare IS Self care. “When you do a skin care routine, you’re usually alone, and it’s just you and the mirror. There’s something slightly meditative about just sitting there and taking that 10 minutes just for you.” – Rena Jogi

Your skin care routine is the PERFECT escape to begin your self care journey.

The 10min (or 35mins) you spend in the bathroom everyday can be transformed into a self love ritual that is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between your conscious and un-conscious mind.

Spending that time mindfully & focusing on what your doing while your doing it, is the essence of self love and living in the present moment.

“All the magic happens in the present moment” Dr. Michael Gervais

If WE DO think approx 70,000 thoughts per day as studies show, let’s make most of them in the present moment and on a high vibration. What have you got to lose if you just try?

So here’s the action steps;

  1. For your next skin care bathroom visit, create the intention to spend the next 10 min is self care mode.
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat a few I AM affirmations. If your stuck we’ve listed a few here below;
      • > I am walking in my self worth
      • > I am getting better and better everyday
      • > I am creating a life I love
  3. Next, Notice the sound of the running water, the texture of your cleanser, the few of the raw silk on your face. Notice the SENSATIONS.
  4. When you noticed your thoughts have wandered to your to do list (as they will), just bring yourself back to the sensations of your skin care routine.
  5. End with looking into the mirror and repeat your affirmations. (That’s just a fancy way to say your are affirming that your words are real 😉)

I invite you to just TRY this for the next 30 days. Seriously, what have you got to lose?