We recognize that everything in life is connected – even though that self sabotaging thing you are doing right now (I’m talking to you ‘neglect’) can seem like it’s not contributing to your wellbeing at all – eventually it WILL bite you on the bum (and not in a sexy relationship kinda way either!)

 The fact is, prioritising our wellbeing, can ultimately contribute to a favourable view of ourselves AND the best news is, there are multiple entry points to this outcome!

 Whether you start to focus on your nutrition, movement, skincare or mindfulness / spirit. They all in their own way, gently allow you to increase your awareness and focus on yourself.

 Our 8 self care hacks come from multiple entry points because we recognize that you are a diverse (and complicated!) human being.

These hacks are not the be-all and end-all IN FACT they are designed to give you a kickstart in the right direction of self care without the overwhelm and to spark you into creativity. You can adapt, mould and interpret all 8 tips to fit into your own lifestyle!

 We don’t bombard you with 20 mins here, 6 mins there, 11 minutes further over there again (which can lead to massive overwhelm and then an inability to stick to it – which will set you off on another cycle of doom).

We use the MAGIC of integration. Doubling down on what you already do!

These self-care suggestions can easily fit into your daily routine. – Remember, small steps over time can make a huge difference!

With our tips and tricks, you’ll be calm, cool, collected, and ready to have a kick-ass day!